How to Recover Pictures after System Restore

Issue or problem:
Q1: “I done a factory restore on my laptop. I transfered all my personal files onto an external hard drive – at least I thought I had. Once the laptop was taken back to factory settings, I discovered I had actually only transferred the shortcut to my pictures over to the external hard drive! Have I lost the photos for good?”

Q2: “I’m hoping there is someone that can help me to my recover my pictures from 2,yes 2 System recoveries.The first I was able to find my pictures,and in some odd way my computer did another system recovery on it’s own or someone did,But now I’m not able to find them and afraid their long gone!My computer started rebooting itself over and over and I did the system recovery it seemed to work but then a few days later it started doing it again so yetanother System Recovery was done. “

The solution: – by rely on a picture recovery software
Wondershare Photo Recovery is a reliable photo recovery software to easily perform photo recovery with nice quality. It can recover deleted, formatted, lost and inaccessible photos, videos, and auido files from all data loss scenarios within a few mouse clicks. Preview ability lets you enjoy photo recovery in advance. Digital Photo Rescue Software is a tool to recover digital photos (JPG, TIF, JPEG, GIF). It allows to recover the accidentally removed photos or contained in a memory card, formatted or inaccessible hard disk. The program supports the following brands: Kingston, Samsung, SanDisk, Toshiba etc… and the following storage devices: MMC or SD, XD, Mini, Smart Media Card, Pen, Jump, Thumb readers. Moreover, you will be able to repair the corrupted images or infected by a virus, photographs with compact flash format. The software is an English shareware version. If you are running Mac OS X, turn to photo recovery Mac software.

Article reproduced from: http://picturerecoverytool.wordpress.com/2011/01/25/recover-pictures-after-system-restore/

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